Unwinding at Circle Cafe

Posted on October 13, 2013

I'm not a big fan of white spaces. They seem very cold to me, so uninspiring and uninviting. Yet, Circle Cafe goes against this rule for me.
Stumbled upon this charming cafe at Health Care City, when I was actually looking for a Caribou Coffee branch in the area (which happens to be right next to Circle). And before I could step into Caribou, I was drawn to the lovely white interior of Circle Cafe. Went in for a peek, and this was it...I was enchanted!

The place coveys so much warmth, the light coming in complements the beautiful white furniture so beautifully...it makes you feel like you're sitting by your window at home. The book shelf idea is brilliant and adds to the homely ambiance. You can donate books and take away books for free as well!

And while I'm in love with the place during the day, I have to say that my favorite time to spend in the cafe is from sunset onward. Whether I'm working on my photos, reading, or pouring out my mind and heart onto my blog - this spot seems to be perfect for inspiration and focus (the jazz tracks they play all day are just awesome)!

As for the menu, its an absolute delight! So many options, some healthy and some not so healthy. Their salad menu is the biggest I have seen anywhere! As for the sandwiches, the bread is of high quality and their signature crunchy bagel chips are a great addition to any dish. For dessert, I'm never at loss with the yummy cakes displayed. 

This place is definitely worth a visit whether you want to unwind with a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate in my case), have a hearty meal, work, or have a good chat with a friend.

  1. I totally love the presentation of your blog… And have I mentioned Circle's food is soooo delicious?