Munching on at Book Munch

Posted on September 08, 2013

This was my second time in Book Munch. Thanks to Nathalie for recommending this cafe to me, I was instantly enchanted by the colorful, cozy and inviting interior of the place. With the huge book shelf that contains books of every genre (with special emphasis on children's books), and beautiful Jazz tracks that played in the background, I decided to add this to my "Places that inspire me" list - this list basically consists of places that inspire me to work, read and get things done!
Contrary to my list of "Never Again" places that are rather cold and distracting in one way or another.

When Eman messaged me to ask where should we have our next Saturday breakfast, I started raving about Book Munch! 

I have to say that the menu is quite satisfying, with so many options for breakfast and many healthy ones too. And just when I was to go for the Granola Parfait, Eman brought my attention to this dish that I totally overlooked in my attempt to be health conscious - haha funny me! 

We finally settled for a cheese platter to share. I adore cheese platters! It contained mainly Bree, Cheddar, and another kind of cheese which I could not name. This was accompanied by 3 fresh, yummy bread slices, red and green grapes, pickles, honey and what I believe is mustard seeds paste - not so sure till this day, though, it was a great accompaniment! We devoured the platter and enjoyed every bit of it. Posting this now makes me crave one!

One of the things I love about this place is the tables placed on the left side of the entrance, filled with cookie jars, mini muffins and those apples scattered around, a teddy bear and some children's books lying there, and as you proceed to take a seat you will notice those beautiful colorful couches that complement the feel of stepping into wonderland. 

Books are more or less our time machines, our gates into other worlds that might or might not exist in our reality, our escape from the mundane. And I think that's what they have tried to achieve here, with this interior, setup, and extremely welcoming and friendly staff.

Book Munch would definitely serve as a great place to take the children for an afternoon to read and munch on some goodness, and I believe it can be a great meet up place for book clubs too.

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