12 Reasons To Travel

Posted on July 08, 2014

Here are some of my own reasons/excuses/justifications for my ever increasing urge to travel more J
  • To see new places. Our eyes need a break from the mundane, and through travel we give them the chance to see new landscapes, colors and different kinds of beauty!
  • To try new food. Why not give your taste buds a culinary adventure that will promise a sweet after taste.

  • To fall in love. Fall in love with newly discovered places, kind people, delectable (and strange) foods, majestic nature, diverse culture, delightful music, sweet language, blue skies, clear waters, sandy beaches, secret alleys, ancient monuments, glorious past…fall in love with life!
  •  To see with new eyes and gain a different perspective. Traveling means nothing if it doesn't change the way we see certain things and open our eyes to the new.

  • To seek new adventures. This is the easiest way to get out of our comfort zones. Traveling to a new place where you know no one. Suddenly everything seems possible and doable! Saying "Yes" to adventure is not that hard anymore.
  • To take nothing in our lives for granted. We get to appreciate and value the little things and people in our lives even more when we travel.  

  • To let go. Let go of what's weighing on our hearts, grudges, unpleasant thoughts, or lingering memories. And if we can't yet let go, then we can at least make peace with ourselves.
  • To know where we stand and where we want to be. Traveling is an excellent opportunity for us to reflect in solitude on our lives and what we want to do with it. There's a kind of clarity that we gain when we are away from the familiar.

  • To challenge ourselves. Often times while we're away from home in a place that we hardly know, we are challenged by the most basic aspects such as adapting to communicating with a new language! Give in to all kinds of challenges, for you will be surprised by how far you can go!
  • To learn to enjoy our own company. We don't really get the chance to be on our own while we're home. Traveling allows us to discover how gratifying it is to be in one's own company, doing exactly the things we love and enjoy, having only to care about what we want and not what anyone else wants. Major me time!

  • To learn more about our travel companions. And while we can enjoy being alone whilst traveling, we also learn a whole lot about those who travel with us. You will be surprised at the sides you never saw in people that will be revealed when they travel with you.
  • To be inspired! Once we get out there we realize that there's so much more to this life and world that we could not see at home. That we don't have it all figured out and there's so much more to learn!

What are your reasons NOT to travel? J

  1. I wanna travel I wanna travel I wanna travel I wanna travel I wanna travel I wanna travel I wanna travel...

  2. This all sounds very tempting... you make me wanna go back to the old me and break free.
    But i have discovered that being lost alone does not bring out the best in me. There might even be a phobia with my name on it for such fear! Still im really thinking hard of breaking out of my comfort zone more often..... MAN its even hard saying that!! :)))

    1. You will get your chance...and you will definitely step out of your comfort zone :) Only then will you realize that you were missing a lot!