Bohemia Jazz Cafe

Posted on July 04, 2014

On arriving in Granada I immediately started thinking about what am I gonna eat! I blame it all on the exhaustion from walking up those winding, uphill streets of AlBayzin in our attempt to find our accommodation.

Clueless about where to go for food, I stumbled upon my second most valuable discovery of this trip – Foursquare application!! I've been using this app for the past 2 years, but never was I aware that I can actually use it to explore nearby places! Wah! Doesn't this make things a lot easier?
You get a list of categories of what you're looking for, whether it's a café, restaurant, nightlife, shopping etc. and according to your selection you get another list of matches in your vicinity along with an option for directions, rating, and reviews from those who have been there (and if you're lucky you'll find some photos too). Life saver, isn't it? It was, for me!

Scanning through the selection I come across Bohemia jazz café that seems to be quite popular in the area. And being the huge jazz fan that I am (I try to find jazz clubs wherever I go),I made a mental note of the place to visit during my 3 days stay.

Surely enough we went to the café on our second evening in the city. The moment I stepped into the café, I knew this was my kind of place. The walls "studded" with countless photos of celebrities, the vintage typewriters scattered in different corners of the cafe, the old piano, and the perfect music that was played...all those little details everywhere...and most of all, the extremely cozy feel that hits you.

3 hours flew by and we were having an amazing time. It was the much needed break, our chance to unwind, sip on some superb chocolate with cream (hot and cold), and recall memorable highlights of our time in Spain – all accompanied by the excellent music selection that was playing in the background.

When it was time to leave, we were not really prepared for what was going to happen next. On our way out we went on to the cashier to pay for our drinks. We wanted to pay by credit card, and we were told by the young gentleman who was in charge that they didn't have this facility in the café. So we came up with a 50 euros note, and to our disappointment they had no change either! I was kind of waiting for the guy to tell us that he will go arrange some change or to ask us to find change from a nearby shop – instead, he just shrugged and said "I guess your drinks are on us tonight". Still not sure we heard him right he continued to say "It's our problem that we don't have the credit card machine or enough change to give back to you. So there's nothing else we can do but let you have them for free".
I gotta admit that I was perplexed for a few seconds thinking he was joking and waiting for him to say "Gotcha!" but he didn't! He meant every word.

We thanked him and left. Impressed with the way they handled the situation and how they easily gained new loyal customers who will spread the word like wild fire, we decided to come back the following night!
Little acts that can make a huge impact, that's what I'm talking about :)

So if you're in town and fancy sitting in an intimate place that serves great drinks, has exceptional service and has the right music for you to chill, please don't miss the Bohemia!

  1. That's really beautiful post, I loved the part of your mental notes of where to go and of course of foursquare function and most of all of the mood you passed in from the place

  2. Thank you ya Amr :) Really looking forward to going back!!

  3. In Shaa Allah if I go back to Spain, I will try this place.. Sounds amazing..

  4. I'm sure you'll like it a lot, Noorhan! :)