Getting Souvenirs

Posted on September 10, 2014

Many of us are at a loss as in what we can take back from our travels as souvenirs. We want to have a mememnto that represents the city we are in, something that will last as long as possible, not so bulky to be able to pack into our luggage, and nothing that is expensive enough to break the bank!

So here are some tips that will hopefully help you in choosing your souvenir on your next trip!

1. Practical souvenirs. Stuff that you know can be used on daily basis, like mugs, coasters, lighters (if you're a smoker), t-shirts or jumpers that bear a city's name or slogan in the local language. Even foods and books that you won't normally find at home, can be an excellent gift to take back! Such souvenirs will act as a daily reminder of your good time in a place.

2. Music. I believe that music is one of the best souvenirs I can take back from my travels. I personally buy a CD from every country I go to. Somehow listening to this music when I'm back home brings back the best of memories in a way that no other souvenir can!

3. Collectors delight. If you're a collector of certain items such as coins, magnets, key chains - then you won't spend a lot of time looking, for these might be the easiest, smallest and cheapest of souvenir options (my fridge acts as an exhibition of all the places I've been to with all the magnets I brought back)! Just make sure you don't go for extremely low quality items for these will break sooner than you think.

4. Free souvenirs. This category includes anything that you have used while on your trip or have stumbled upon, such as pebbles from a beach in Nice, a retro piece that you can't find at home like the Pepsi bottle like the one I found on a train to Vienna, colorful autumn leaves, museum/metro/concert/train/flight tickets - basically anything that would fit into a scrapbook! You'll look back a these simple items and smile at the memories they bring.

5. Last but not least, in fact it might be the best souvenir that you ever bring back home - Photos! Snap plenty of photos for your never know when you will be back to this place. Document all the good (and bad) times you had for these will be the immortal witness and reminder of the good life that you lived.

When it comes to getting souvenirs for others, the above will also apply, provided that you know the interests of the person of course.

So what is your favorite souvenir?

  1. I love ur ideas bassi. Im the magnet girl. My fridge isnt full yet though..I haven't been to many places. I also keep the pamphlets I get when I visit a monument or so...thats for my personal pleasure. And yes are the best souvenir to take.

    Keep going love. Ure doing great! :-*

    1. Maybe you should start creating scrapbooks with all the souvenirs you're keeping!! :)
      You delight me with your visits to my blog...keep those comments coming my dear :)