What is your theme for the new year?

Posted on December 05, 2014

For the longest time I have been dedicating time to improve different aspects of my personality and with that came the realization that one single very important aspect is lacking from my life - discipline!

It is a pressing issue that has been affecting so many areas of my life limiting my progress and eventually causing frustration and ill feelings. And honestly, with everything that I want to do and the way I wanna lead my life I cannot afford to waste more energy on feelings like frustration and regret.

That is why I decided that the main theme of my 2015 will be "discipline". It will be the main headline of my life that will include everything else under it.

Discipline with my body
Discipline with my health
Discipline in my thoughts
Discipline with my blogs
Discipline in my relationships
Discipline in the different projects that I want to bring to the light 

I simply want to bring it to every aspect of my life, which is about the only thing that can guarantee progress.

So, I invite you to look closely at what you're missing, what is it that you feel you need to bring in to your life to make it better, to get out of the rut you have been stuck in for so long, to move forward and closer to your dreams. What is your theme for 2015?
  1. That's for sure something we all need to work on head first!