12 Things I look forward to every morning

Posted on November 16, 2014

Can't deny that there a few things that I really look forward to everyday when I wake up. Here are some of my favorite things:

1. Waking up to a brightly lit room and a really quiet house and feeling like I have the whole world for myself.

2. Seeing my niece before heading off to work and kissing her goodbye even if she's sleeping.

3. Morning prayer. Connecting with God seems to be at its best in the morning and so the morning prayer becomes the best meditation for the day.

4. Morning skies. Thinking how glorious and beautiful they are. The sight of it all reminds me that I should not fret over petty things - or so I try!

5. Driving to my favorite cafe.

6. My precious Tim Hortons breakfast egg and cheese sandwich accompanied with French Vanilla.

7. Sitting somewhere outdoor and feeling grateful for enjoying the morning light.

8. Catboy and Jordi Bird morning radio show and the awesome mix tape songs that they play.

9. The freshness of the start. Mornings make me feel that I am yet given another chance to set things straight and I somehow try to use them to the best of my ability although I still struggle to reach my highest potential everyday.

10. Sending off the morning prayer to my friends on Whatsapp.

11. Writing my to-do list and enjoying scratching off tasks that I get to accomplish.

12. Listening to my favorite music while working on my photos or planning a trip!

So what do you look forward to every morning? :)

  1. I look forward to see some amazing and magical trips of yours and share it all :D
    May you have blessed mornings forever my sweet partner.