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Ships, planes and trains!

  • Expedia - One of the best and most reliable flight reservations websites. So far the best rates I ever got! Download their mobile application too. Has this useful reminder of your upcoming flights!
  • Skyscanner - Love their mobile application for a quick look-up that will bring up the best fares from around the web.
  • Kayak - my last resort to searching for cheap flights
  • Vueling - A Spanish budget airline that flies within Spain and Europe
  • EasyJet - An English budget airline that flies within Europe. Will always be cheaper than Vueling but some routes might not be available
  • RENFE - Spanish railway company for your commute within Spain
  • SNCF - French railway company for your commute within France
  • Eurostar - High-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels
  • Royal Caribbean cruises - One of the top cruise companies in the world offering luxury and family cruises

A place to stay!

  • - Do I need to say more?
  • Venere - Huge database of hotels at great prices
  • Hotwire - If you're not too concerned about your hotel standards and on a tight budget, go for this one
  • Airbnb - One of the best accommodation websites that offer apartments and rooms to rent at amazing rates
  • Apartments Apart - Another comprehensive sites offering vacation rentals
  • Hostel World - For the ones who are on tight budget and can't afford hotels and will nto mind sharing a room with others, this website has one of the biggest hostels database

Mobile applications!

  • Tripadvisor - the application comes in handy when you're on the road and need urgent travel info on places to eat, shows to attend or tours to take. Available for free on the Apple store.
  • Vocre - translates whatever you speak into the mic.
  • Google Translate - yet another translation application where you type in what you wish to translate in any language.
  • Oanda - one of the best currency converters. A must have on your mobile!
  • SitorSquat - this mobile application will tell you where the nearest public bathroom is! Yes, that's true.
  • TripIt - great for travel planning and logging in all your travel info including flights, bookings, etc.
  • Yelp - A review on anything at all!