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An Egyptian who spent most of her life in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, UAE, and craves seeing what the rest of the world is all about.

I believe that life's not meant to be lived in one place. We were meant to wonder around, see and experience new places and cultures. Only through travel do we realize that the world is not confined to our beliefs, the houses and environment we grew in, the schools we attended or the friends we made. There's so much more out there to be experienced, cherished, learned and grasped.

I've always wanted to keep a travel blog to record all those encounters and experiences that my memory will sometimes fail to keep over the years. And while I do not travel all year long, I decided that maybe I should start my exploration from home! We often choose to overlook what's right here at home. And having been inspired by other blogs that gave ample amount of info about those countries I dreamed of, I decided that maybe I could also give a local perspective on the city I live in, for it might help those who wish to come to this part of the world.

Expect to find tales, recommendations, tips and my very own reflections on different things at home and beyond!
All photos on the blog are shot by me unless otherwise stated. Follow me on Instagram for a daily feed :)

What inspires me..

Old French songs
My family, particularly my niece
Celine Dion
Michael Jackson
Waking up really early and having a warm drink in my favorite cafe
Really good food
The sky
Wide green spaces
Guitars and pianos
Traveling to new places and smaller towns
Intimate talk with a close friend
People who smile a lot
Talented people who smile a lot :)

What ticks me off

Judgmental people